Wednesday, May 12, 2004

productiveness is surging through my veins

Well, I got up this morning and actually got stuff done. This is exciting. My room is a lot more livable and I created two huge bags of junk that can unceremoniously be given to Goodwill. Ah! the exhilarating feeling of accomplishing something. Now, I sit to ponder the human brain, particularly mine.
I find it quite odd that while listening to music I still seem to be able to sing whatever song enters my mind. It reminds me of the lunchtime sandwich on the oldies radio station. Most often, the song I end up singing has absolutely nothing in common with whatever song is playing. I wonder if this is a hidden talent of mine.
This day is gloomy. I'm off to find a way to amuse myself.


David said...

I've never been able to think of, let alone sing, a song different from the one playing.

Amy said...

Me too, even if I plug my ears.
She must be a superhero.

Karli said...

hey caryn,
glad to see you joined the masses and got a blog.:) karli

luke said...

Ahh... the lunchtime sandwich.
That makes me think of summertime in Kansas City.