Friday, May 21, 2004

on the road

so, i'm going to be in Siloam for this weekend and i'm leaving in about 5 minutes. therefore, i won't be on here til at least Sunday and i think i'm going to be incredibly depressed to be there and none of you are. anyway, happy weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

I hope you have you had a rad weekend. Did you end up going by yourself? Call me or something when you get back. Luv ya ducky!


David said...

So, some of us (that is, myself) are only two hours away from Siloam Springs. I've been sitting at home for two weeks with virtually no one to talk to except for my family. Driving to Siloam to hang out for a little while would have been entirely possible. But...I guess four hours of driving for a probably short meeting isn't especially practical.

Never mind. Still, it was a nice thought.