Thursday, July 29, 2004

ice cream in the cemetery

the day began slow and very unexciting. i worked for 4 hours on a paper(due Friday) and still have none of it done. i cannot choose a subject that works! argh!! but alas, the evening was quite enjoyable. i handed out free water on the street corners with people from my church. it is really a fun ministry and has been quite effective in the past. afterwards, i found myself whisked away to a highschool party at my friend Luke's house. it was quite fun. dull, but enjoyable nonetheless. most of them were playing Halo, except the girl i hang out with and a couple of the guys i enjoy being with too. we had a blast eating Pringles, watching the end of Smallville and talking to Luke's mom. they have resurrected the phrase "your mom" and i must admit use it quite humorously. they really are fun to be around. i have had many comments made lately about my hanging out with highschoolers, but i really don't care. i love them and truly enjoy their company. finally, i made the suggestion that we go find ice cream, so 6 of us piled into Luke's Lincoln town car which is "a hoss of a car" (as Nicole Z. would say). =) we proceeded to Hen House, which was closing, hurriedly chose a carton of ice cream, swiped 6 spoons from the free samples area and discussed a place of enjoyment. the cemetery it was. Luke lives across from the cemetery, so...there we went. i'm pretty sure it is against the law to be out there that late, but we didn't think of that right away. it was a blast. i should not have eaten as much ice cream as i consumed, oh well. Chocolate chip cookie dough, baby! anyway, i'm now here, sitting at my computer, wondering how in the world i'm going to get my paper done tomorrow morning. i have a lunch date with my friend Nicole for her birthday and then i work from 5-11. i love working second shift!
   my sister still hasn't had her baby. the doctor thinks he dated it wrong.
   i got a letter from Emily today! i love mail! oh, and an e-mail from Evie! it was such an exciting day. yay for feeling better.
i really should go to bed.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

darling Nyquil and the fragrance of school supplies, how lovely!

I have checked my e-mail a bajillion times today. I'm not sure why I am so obsessed with checking my e-mail. There is rarely anything there, but maybe if I check it just one more time, something will be there. I'm really not that lonely or bored, I'm just selective in the things I want to do. Selective to the point of nothing. Well, I guess I did do a few things today, once I actually got up. I registered to vote. I turned in all 21 rolls of film to be developed(that's going to finish off my bank account) and I have been reading most of the rest of the day. I do love to read. Other than those things, I have slept, a lot. My parents are worried that I might have mono. I disagree, but wouldn't that just be great. (extreme sarcasm) I do seem to have the quality of life that it requires to take affect. I'm thinking it is just a nasty summer cold- you know, the ones that make you cold in the middle of summer and suffer you minimal amounts of hearing and breathing through the nose. Thus, I have taken the Nyquil again and am allowing it to take affect before I fall asleep once again. I really don't mind sleeping all the time. It's kind of relaxing. (yeah, that was a bit of a joke)
   I have been trying to figure out what it means "to overcome." I would love some feedback on this if anyone wishes to join in the ponderings. This could be thought of in one-time situational sense or in lifetime-til-death sense. These thoughts were actually aroused by the verses in Revelation 2 & 3 where to every church is given a final word about something they will receive if they overcome. Interesting.
   Off to bed I go. I do miss everyone dearly. Maybe tomorrow I'll go shopping for school supplies. Mmmm! I love that smell.

Monday, July 26, 2004

summer colds are not cool

sleep, sleep, sleep. that's all i do is sleep. i'm so tired of sleeping. it makes me feel so useless. ok, yeah, so i worked from 11-4 today but then what did i do? ten minutes after i got home i was out on the couch. i must admit though, i feel awful. i'm pretty sure i have a wonderful summer cold. caught from my friend Luke last week at camp. he had an awful cough that i felt compassionate about, now look at me. my throat, my nose, bleh!
   anyway, it was nice to have money coming in instead of me spending it. work, such a painful necessity. i look forward to being back at school and actually working in graphic design. ah school. i can smell it already. mmm.. "O Brother, Where Art Thou!" is on. i guess i'll colapse now to sleep some of this cold off.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Hello, my name is Caryn and I'm a Mountain Dew addict

i'm finally home for a bit. i cannot believe there are only 3 weeks left til school. this summer has flown. last week at camp was wonderful. i'm so glad i went even though i was exhausted for the first day. i absolutely loved the girls in my room. i had 7 and they were all precious! it was a superhero theme and i got to wear a cape all week! it was the perfect place for me. i also got to spend time with some friends from highschool who were also counselors.
this week was so good for me. i think it really helped me transition from Ireland to the States. i'm having an awful time processing Ireland. last night i had dinner with my folks and my cousins and my aunt asked me to give one major thing i learned from Ireland. i went completely blank. my mind refuses to summarize or fold anything together that i know i learned and am still learning. she made a huge deal about my hair and how mature i look. it really kind of freaked me out. reminded me of something Dani and i talked of in Ireland. actually though, i feel different since Ireland. this is the first time that i feel a change in myself and it doesn't seem to matter who i am with. it is still there, whether or not the people around me seem to notice or treat me that way. i haven't the slightest clue what it means or what i'm supposed to do with it yet. it is tough to explain and i don't think it should be blamed all on silly girl emotions. i do hate those so much. so now i'm not making much sense and just rambling. well, i'm watching the Great Gatsby and i should finish up some stuff on-line like registering to vote. too much thinking. i need a mountain dew.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

jet lag

So, I'm back in the States. I think I'm experiencing culture shock actually. I tried so hard to throw myself into Irish culture and be apart of it for 5 and a half weeks that now, I'm having a hard time coming back. I got really freaked out when I got in the car with my mom from JBU and she was driving on the right side of the road! I do miss things there already. I traveled for about 27 hours before I hit my bed last night. Already talked to my sister for an hour this morning and am just trying to relax before I leave for my church's kid's camp tomorrow. Nothing like keeping busy!
  Ireland was incredible. I'm not even going to try to comment on all right now. Too much to handle on a confused and jet lagged mind. For now, I'm going to begin unpacking so that I can pack for tomorrow and also try to finish up some homework for my Ireland courses. Yay fun! Just wanted so say hello and hope to hear from you all soon!