Sunday, May 28, 2006

so I'm a typography nerd

the most delightful department store sign ever

Recently ran across this specimen of typographic beauty. This gorgeous piece of work is humbly displayed above one of the entrances of the no-longer-elegant Sears store. Just walking under this window sign made me think of all those old movies with the perfect little department stores and the neatly dressed salesclerks in A-line skirts, and I suddenly wished I hadn't forgotten my little white gloves. Why did Sears ever change their logo?? The new version is so much more hideous now that I've seen the old one.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

time slowly going by

well, if we were going completely by my blog, it would seem that I either never left for break, or never came back. Neither of those are true. Break was great, very relaxing and full of movies and laying around. The last few weeks of school were fine as well. Fairly insane as always. I completed my portfolio and did the big show. It was actually very fun and I gained a lot more confidence because of it.

Now, I'm at home.

Time goes by very differently at home. I have 4 weddings to make it to this summer, and in between those, I'm really hoping for a job. Things aren't looking up at the moment for one. I've contacted so many companies and everyone really takes their time on getting back with me. The only high possibilities are ones where people I know found out I was interested and started talking about me. It is great to know people, I just hope something actually comes of it.

While I pass the times between e-mails and phone calls, I've been trying to clean my room. I have so much junk. One of the downsides of my family is that we all were taught to save things and be sentimental about them. My room is just full of stuff I really don't need and probably don't care much about. Realistically, I think this could be my last full summer at home and that kind of worries me as I do not want to do this cleaning out when I'm actually trying to move out. So, I'm at least brushing the surface now. I can't help but think what my room would be like if I lived in a different culture.

So, that is an update on my life. Seems pretty dull, but it is my life right now. I look forward to the weddings especially as I'll get to see some of my favorite people. Nicole comes home in 3 days. That is something to look forward to as well.

Oh, I also bought a cd yesterday, Sophie Milman. Really great recent jazz girl. Liking it, a lot.