Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I was catching up on a friend's blog and stumbled upon his newest post that mentioned an interesting article about churches as businesses, Jesus, CEO. Is this what we are becoming? I don't understand where we get the idea that this is what church is. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I have old-fashioned ideas about church. Maybe Christians are supposed to be focused on reaching everyone else and put worshiping God as a low priority. Maybe Christians are supposed to get burnt out and not understand their source. Maybe Christians are supposed to think they have the power and ability to "save" people. Maybe Christians aren't supposed to grow and become more like Christ.

If this is what Christianity is about, what church is; then I'm out.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

another song rings true

"I'll Be Home For Christmas" was resounding through my head as I drove the familiar four and a half hours to my house. The trip was pretty smooth. A wopping three hours of sleep the night before kept me pouring cappuccino and Mountain Dew into my tired body. I hit snow a little outside KC and it was beautiful. It stayed small until I pulled into the driveway, then the huge flakes fell. We got two inches of snow during the day and four more that night. I of course was sleeping most of the time. Snow is wonderful when you can be inside under a couple of blankets and watching delightful old movies.

So now I'm home. I've slept an immense amount, had doctor and dentist appointments, and shopping quite a bit. I've never really enjoyed shopping; but there is something wonderful about wandering around the stores, especially around the holidays. The new styles are fun to experience and people are marvelous. There are wild little kids running around, often getting hollared at; and a plethora of people spending an exorbitant amount of money that they really don't have on stuff they really don't need. Personally, I enjoy saying "Merry Christmas!" whether its politically correct or not.

Today is another relaxed day. I'll probably knit some more, something I've done in large amounts lately. I may run to some cute little stores too and try to finish off my Christmas shopping. I love the holidays! I love breaks!