Thursday, October 28, 2010

smell like a monster

I'm thinking I like Grover better for these commercials. Sorry Old Spice guy.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

the Ferris wheel

My very first picture taken with my new Polaroid SpectraSystem. Mark gave me this gift a few days early since we were planning on going to the fair with friends on the 18th. I had high hopes of riding the ferris wheel and marking off #16 but the line was really long, and it was getting late and to be honest, it wasn't the nostalgic looking, quaint Ferris wheel that I was hoping for. But, I captured a picture of it. And I rather love it. I'm sure to most photographers and especially Polaroid photographers it isn't spectacular, bit I think it's wonderful.

#1 off the list.


birthday pictures!

a gift from a coworker

flowers that magically appeared on my desk Friday afternoon
The post-it says 4 more days!

The first birthday present, given Friday night, for reasons that another post will show.
This is a Polaroid SpectraSystem that Mark found for me on Craigslist. I've been wishing for a Polaroid camera for a while. Apparently the couple Mark bought this from was a dear sweet older couple and the camera is in mint condition!

Birthday present #2! A lovely green (wool) coat from one of my favorite local shops Bliss.

Excuse the blurry picture, but for some reason I really like this picture.
Probably because I love the inside of the coat and my dress!

Birthday present #3 from my in-laws!
We bought a KitchenAid for the kitchen renovation and my in-laws
happily gave me the ice cream attachment. Hooray!

And we ended the evening with a birthday cupcake from the Cakery.
Yay for birthdays!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

update break

for something that I needed… laughter yoga.

sometimes you just need a good laugh. I need to remember that more often.

(via A Cup of Jo)

1 2 3 4

when: September 11, 2010
what: baby shower for a dear friend's coming little one, known affectionately as Phoebe
where: our abode
why: because I like to overload myself with too many things to do. No, actually it was because I love this friend terribly and this is her fourth baby and the wee one needs things of her own. And because I like to host parties, something I've only recently discovered.
how: sheer determination, lots of food, some fun party decorations, and a lot–I mean a lot–of women packed in our house.

the invite

made by me and the front was heavily inspired by lovely design's invitation for her little girl's 3rd birthday (some details photoshopped out, obviously)

paper bunting decoration

the food table (before most of it was out and of course I forgot to snap a picture once all of it was out and before it was consumed)

and some presents

I think it was a lovely time. And now, we all are anxiously awaiting Phoebe's arrival any day now…

(And yes, the post title and invitation theme was inspired by Feist's song 1234 which was played at the shower sometime in the background mix. It's a good song and has a good music video which Mark loves, though I prefer the Sesame Street version.)

let the blogging begin, again…

I've decided my absence from blogging is because I started to feel so behind and didn't know how to catch up. So I'm not trying anymore. I'm just going to post. Lots of pictures coming too.

Like these cute condiments that begged to get their photo taken.