Monday, July 26, 2004

summer colds are not cool

sleep, sleep, sleep. that's all i do is sleep. i'm so tired of sleeping. it makes me feel so useless. ok, yeah, so i worked from 11-4 today but then what did i do? ten minutes after i got home i was out on the couch. i must admit though, i feel awful. i'm pretty sure i have a wonderful summer cold. caught from my friend Luke last week at camp. he had an awful cough that i felt compassionate about, now look at me. my throat, my nose, bleh!
   anyway, it was nice to have money coming in instead of me spending it. work, such a painful necessity. i look forward to being back at school and actually working in graphic design. ah school. i can smell it already. mmm.. "O Brother, Where Art Thou!" is on. i guess i'll colapse now to sleep some of this cold off.

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