Tuesday, May 31, 2005

9 hours

my flight leaves at 7pm. my suitcase is almost packed and I think I will succeed in only taking one. I'm excited but so aprehensive. Yesterday was an awful day of preparation and much tears as I passed the stressed zone and hit the panic zone. It will all be much easier once I get on the plane.

packing to be finished, short Wal-Mart run is a must...

have a great summer everyone and write me!


David said...

Here's writing from me to you, but probably not the sort of writing you meant. Be well and safe.


that.one.girl said...

I realize that you're probably horribly busy, possibly still adjusting to the time change and a it overwhelmed, but come on now...post. For goodness sake. It's not like I can just call you up on your cell phone all the way in SPAIN! And I don't expect you to write me a personal email every week, but a post would nice.