Tuesday, June 14, 2005

the delay of posting

My dear blog readers,

I deeply apologize for the lack of communication in these past few weeks. My time has not been too full, I have just been forgetful. I am indeed in Spain. The area is beautiful and the temperature is rising rapidly. This is short, I know, but my stomach is going to take priority. More to come, I promise!


Izzy said...

oh Caryn, I miss you. :D Can't leave a real long post since I'm at work, but wanted you to know that You are a great friend. toodles; ha

Amy said...

Of course I'll dress up with you and go out to eat and have girl time! I can hardly wait!
Actually, last night, Luke and I were lamenting the fact that the people we hang out with most (David, Owen, Kyle, Melissa) will all be gone next semester, and we were quite sad until we realized that you and Mark are going to be at school, like, the entire time we are!! So, umm, you're required to hang out with us.

I hope you're having an amazing time in Spain.
I love you!