Thursday, May 05, 2005

packing, planning and goodbyeing

Today is my last day of finals. This has by far been the easiest finals week ever for me. No all-nighters, not even close.

All my things are once again being packed in boxes, ready to disappear for the summer. I always tend to think I'm going to throw a lot of things away, not bring as much to school next year and be much less materialistic. But, then as I go along, my sentimental ridiculousness attaches itself to particular pieces of paper and what-not and I fight the internal battle of figuring out how important certain things really are. The close proximity of home gives me too much ability to compile unnecessary items throughout the year.

I have come to the conclusion once again that I have way too many clothes.

26 days until I board the first of many airplanes and embark on a summer adventure. I could pessimistically predict many language miscommunications, design difficulties, and a bit of loneliness; but I remain positive and immensely excited. Perhaps I shall have a cubicle.

In 2 days I will be driving home, having said some difficult goodbyes. Then, at my house, I will tackle my sister and bro-in-law and deliciously hug my beautiful 8 month old niece. My bed, my room, my church…it has been a long time.

For now, I sit in my second to the last final, relishing the idea of tearing my room apart and watching a movie tonight with Erin. Life is pleasant these days.

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David said...

I'm glad you are posting once again. As for the poetry books, yes, I'd love to have them! I can pick them up. . . um, sometime, maybe when I visit JBU at the very beginning of next semester.