Sunday, August 29, 2004


I've realized this summer and now through this first week of school how overwhelmingly excited I get when I think about my career choice and learning about how to do it well. I was flipping through a booklet advertising something and it was done so well that I got really excited and even started to shake. Even reading my marketing homework and gleaning business stragies from it made me very thrilled to be studying and striving towards this graphic design goal. These are good times when my confidence is overridden by my excitement. It is such an amazing feeling to be chasing a dream. Wow, that sounded really cheesy, but I really meant it.

word of the day that I actually used (correctly) without even thinking about it: precarious
oh yes, I was excited about this usage.


Amy said...


Alex said...

Hey, just been reading some of your stuff. I never seem to get out of my circle of friends blogs so i thought i would try the random finder thing!! I am amused by your use of the word 'Precarious'! It doesn't really seem that uncommom to me though and i do not have a very good vocabulary at all or spelling that is! Anyway check out my blog if you want to return the interest, none of it is really very deep or meaning full but you might like some!! Alex

Alex said...

P.S I see you are from or have been to Ireland, i was just wondering if you had heard of The Frames as they are one of my favourit bands!!

P.P.S I used to love Moutain Due but they stopped selling it over here in Scotland its a crime!! Don't suppose you could send me some. :) only joking!

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