Wednesday, July 20, 2005

a list because I have a headache

significant happenings or thoughts to post about:
• brochure is moving along quickly
• watched "Lagaan" movie with neighbors - musical about India, a cricket game and sappy romance. quite good actually
• cool breeze and loss of sarcastic tone
• working late
• Mountain Dew
• watching "The Trail of the Pink Panther" and thinking it was rather dumb
• collaging with little Natalie
• an Orbit advertisement which made me laugh
• groceries to fill my fridge
• successful market trip - purchases of fruit, skirt, earrings, and bag for Barcelona adventure
• 4 days til Barcelona trip
• prospect of a hike
• e-mails
• tragic bunny story from Erin
• 20 minute nap
• reviving of friendship with highschool friend
• upcoming girl's night at Bethany's
• this day is almost over

1 comment:

Amy said...

Caryn! Caryn...
(You should hear the way I'm saying your name in my head. Singing, really. See, the first one is Caryn!, high-pitched and downward sloping, like, "Caryn! So good to see you!" whereas the second one is Caryn..., deep and gutteral and mischevious, like, " sneaky thing, you.")
I'm so excited to see you soon!! In like...three weeks!!! With lots of exclamation points!!!!
YYAAAAYY! (that says yay.)