Friday, June 04, 2004

on the road again

it's starting to get really lonely in the world of blog. everyone is starting to drift. matt is chilling in Italy...(I really am happy for him, yes, yes I am)...brian has gone who knows where, david is leaving soon dani, nicole and me will be in ireland in a week...and until then...
well, tomorrow i leave for good old fort smith, arkansas. david, i think we are going to just miss each other. i'll make sure to wave to cars passing me. Sarah's wedding is Saturday night and the days are packed with festivities til and after the wedding. i finally finished her present and most of my reading for Ireland, and my paper too! woo hoo! hooray for productiveness. (the excitment those words should be accompanied by didn't actually make it anywhere but the computer. I think i'm a little down or something tonight, weddings seem to have that affect on my though.=)
so, i leave around 9, driving 6-7 hours, who knows how long it will take, and then prepare for the rehearsel and dinner and whatever else is in store. i'm somewhat excited. i know i will be once the driving is over.
so, i'm going to pack a little now. i really shouldn't put this off til the night before especially late on the night before. oh well. i'm not stressed. i have the shoes i need for the wedding and that's what i have dreamt about forgetting for the past 4 nights. crazy dreams too. always in a different place and i have to find some kind of footwear to take their place. why can't i just go barefoot i wonder?
well, goodnight. i'll be back sometime sunday. sweet dreams.

1 comment: said...

You cutting your hair soon? I expect it to be gone when I see you on Thursday. I get to see you on Thursday!!!!!!!!!!
- Dani